So yes, I was late to work today.

I could blame it on waking up late–oops. Add the fact that I tend to dawdle–another oops.

To be completely honest, I am ambivalent about mornings. While I love watching the transition from the wee small hours of the morning into dawn, then eventually into daybreak, I also love snuggling in bed, sleeping in as long as time permits (this I can do only on weekends).

After going through my daily routine–getting into the shower–then drying myself up; getting dressed, then make myself look decent (hi, powder and lip and cheek stain), eaten my breakfast, and brushed my teeth, I am ready to go. As I was about to set out, there was no dial tone in our home phone. And since the phone in our subdivision guard house is of the same phone company as ours, a tricycle could not be hailed.

So I decided to walk.  And it was the best decision I made–despite it being sort of Hobson’s choice. Being in a tricycle everyday to leave the subdivision, I tend to miss a lot of things. The rays of the sun–okay, so it was gray and cloudy today, but it’s not like that all the time; the trees, the grass in the vacant lots (and all the pretty little wildflowers there), and yes, sometimes even the animals (hi to the goats, the cats, the dogs, and yes, the occasional cow).

Minus the goats, the dogs and the cow, I still managed to have a lovely walk. Guess what I saw? A lovely cat with an unusual fur colour (grey to white), and grey-blue eyes. It looked at me unblinkingly, while walking with the trademark feline grace. Since I didn’t have the luxury of time (which was ironic since I stopped to take a picture of the cat–I just couldn’t help it), I couldn’t make friends with it. So off it went, without looking back.

Many houses later, I saw this beautiful orange hibiscus that looked like it was begging to have a photograph of it taken. And of course, I was not immune to the flower’s come-hither charms. So snap, a picture was taken. A house nearby had a bush with white flowers did not go ignored, so again, another image captured.


Finally, I was able to hail a cab, so off to work I went. It was a very packed day, but it was fulfilling. I was pretty dismayed with myself during the morning–but my day went well during the afternoon, or so I think. Phew.

Less pictures on my way home–but look at these roses by the office guardhouse. Or the pink hydrangeas–are they hydrangeas?



Look at these birds sitting on the wire.


And the arch of trees in the techno hub. Well, the tops of them, anyhow.


So that was my day–in pictures! How was YOUR day?

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