Seven Last Words (of a Law student)

This was written over two years ago, after my final exams in law school. It was a hectic, hectic time, with my dad’s confinement in hospital due to a stroke, and the usual rush of complying with school requirements.

Let it be known to all that in writing this post, it is without intent to blaspheme–I wrote this originally as a Facebook note, hoping that fellow law students might find this funny–and it did, for some. So I am going to share it here, for your reading pleasure.

Seven Last Words (of a Law student)


Reader Advisory: Sense of humour is recommended while reading this post.

1. Father, forgive me for I know not what I am doing—this comes when one is already at a loss for a proper answer. It may be because the student no longer remembers the legal basis for the answer he or she has in mind; but knows that he is correct in thinking or saying so.

2. After this, I shall be in paradise—at least I hope so!—Yes! The promise of a good unwinding moment (after midterms) or a good break (for finals). It is, apart from the prayers the student utters while taking the exams, what keeps you going, what keeps him or her hanging on.

3. Dear Mom, please pray for me—Judging from personal experience, having a lot of people to pray for you helps. I can safely say that my mom is included in my list of prayer warriors. Haha. It worked for my Torts exam.

4. My God, my God, why has my memory abandoned me?—Memory gap. ENOUGH SAID.

5. I am thirsty—This occurs when you didn’t drink enough fluids before your exam—or you didn’t (in most cases, couldn’t) take your tumbler along with you on your desk.

6. It is finished!—All questions answered! No blank spaces. GLORY HALLELUJAH!

7. Father, into Thy hands I commend my exam(s)—Exam booklet/answer sheet submitted to the proctor or professor. The last prayer you utter in your head while submitting said exam.


Oh, God. I HAVE MISSED THIS. YES, THIS FEELING. Hope you’re all having a happy semestral break, guys!

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