Five things I’ve learned after watching Poldark

Better late than never!


So finally, I was able to watch this TV series (hi, iflix, thank you). After mourning (fine, I exaggerate) the end of my favourite TV series, another period drama has captured my heart (there’s a close second). I’ve always been curious about Poldark. Probably it’s the period drama fan in me.

So, in a nutshell, what’s Poldark about? For those who haven’t watched it yet (I’m probably sure this is only a small number), it’s a TV series set in Cornwall in the 1700s, based on the novels by Winston Graham. I found out that the current BBC production is actually a reboot of the 1970s production. The current cast includes  Aidan Turner  as Ross Poldark (The Hobbit; And Then There Were None), Eleanor Tomlinson as Demelza Carne, later Poldark (Death Comes To Pemberley; The White Queen), Heida Reed as Elizabeth Chynoweth, later on Poldark, and much later, Warleggan (One Day; Silent Witness), Ruby Bentall as Verity Poldark, later Blamey, Ross’ cousin (Lost In Austen; Lark Rise to Candleford), Kyle Soller as Verity’s older brother Francis–also Ross’ cousin (Bad Education; You, Me, and the Apocalypse), and Jack Farthing (The Riot Club, Blandings) as the rich banker George Warleggan.

The series starts when Ross returns from America–from its war of Independence, to be precise. He finds that everything is in shambles–his girl Elizabeth, who thought he was dead, is now engaged to Ross’ cousin Francis. This complicates things later on. When Ross goes to his father’s home, he finds out that his father passed away, leaving nothing of great worth, except for a dilapidated home and a derelict copper mine. He rescues Demelza Carne, employing her as his kitchen maid. Ross married her not long after. At the same time, he helps the people in the village and tries to regain control of the mine-something that his rival George Warleggan has long since wanted to have and possess.

While I loved watching the series, I sometimes found a few episodes a bit toxic. Probably because the simmering tension could be quite too much for me, or the fact that I hate conflict–even on the telly! However, watching the show had an impact on me. Here are the six things I’ve learned after watching Poldark.

1. Appearances can deceive and first impressions are sometimes wrong.

Take for the example Ross’ rescue of Demelza. She looked like a boy–with her breeches smeared with dirt and her head covered with some cloth or scarf (I was never able to tell). And she was barefoot! Demelza cleaned up nicely after all, and turned out to be a smart, capable girl who still tried to be nice even though Jud and Prudie were blatantly rude to her. There were times that she did fight back, but she eventually won Prudie over, and later Jud, and then Ross.

2. Too much anger and desire for revenge can be very heavy luggage to carry. 

Enter George Warleggan. The man has enough ill-will in him to fill ten suitcases. It has never been as to why the enmity between him and Ross was there. In an interview, they have been at loggerheads since they were schoolboys. That’s quite a long time, don’t you think?

3. It’s never too late to change how you feel about someone.

When Ross married Demelza, Francis, Ross’ cousin was less welcoming of Ross’ marriage to his kitchen maid Demelza. She was, after all from humbler stock, compared to the Poldark family. Francis eventually accepts and values Demelza as a member of the Poldark family after she tends to him and his family, risking her own life and losing daughter in the process–ironically hours before he died.

4. If you let go of something, you don’t (try) get it back.

Poor Elizabeth. She thought Ross was done for so she gets engaged to his cousin Francis, only to find him enter Trenwith–alive, of course, catching everyone by surprise, and now, she wonders whether getting engaged was the right thing. But she marries Francis anyway. Still with those conflicting feelings, she finds out that Ross has married Demelza. But she still wants a space in his heart for her. Like, a big one. Girl, it doesn’t work that way.

5. Don’t take what you have for granted until you almost lose it.

Ah, Ross. Come on, man! You have sweet, spunky, fearless Demelza. Sure, Elizabeth was your first love, but why sleep with her just so you could make her stop marrying someone else? And you think that will be okay with Demelza? ‘Course not. I’m sure you were scared when she was packing up to leave you.

Toxic episodes aside, I enjoyed watching Poldark. And totally looking forward to the third series/season!

I will have to wrap this up, or I can go on all night! Till then! 🙂


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