Kids, don’t try this at home

Helloooo! Just a quick, quick update.

Two exams done! The first one would be best described as carnage. I’m ambivalent about the second one.

I will be telling you guys this–there is a point, I promise–because sleep isn’t for the weak.

A few days ago, I took my Criminal Law 1 midterm exam–and man, it was a total DISASTER. Not because I didn’t study, but I didn’t study smart. How? I pulled up two all-nighters, both for naught. I pulled those all-nighters because I wanted to get a good grade.

Well of course, I didn’t. What happened was that my brain just simply refused to respond. It. Just. Shut. Down.  A week’s worth of preparation down the drain. So you can safely say I wrote stuff next to gibberish.

Again, a week’s worth of preparation down the drain.

Sleeping late doesn’t actually help anyone at all–it slows down your brain, you’re less alert, your systems are not fully recovered as it should be–in other words, you’re practically a zombie. So if anyone else tells you that sleep is for the weak, tell them they’re wrong. Totally wrong.

I really shouldn’t have ignored what my body was telling me.



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