Taking a break

Hi, everyone! Just to let everyone know that I am still alive and kicking, albeit busy. 

At the moment, I’m currently focused on the group I am working with. While my work is mainly behind the scenes, I love the volunteer work I am doing with The Friday Book Club. We’re working on card designs for our fundraiser later this year! I for one, am looking forward to the day we’re going to launch them. While it is not justified, it explains my prolonged radio silence (soz about that).

I’m taking stock of  things concerning this blog. No, it’s DEFINITELY not going away, but it will, however, evolve slightly. You see, I’ve seemed to have forgotten what this blog is for, and I’ve lost sight of what I wanted it to be. For that reason, I’m going to rethink the way I write my entries. 

So, in the future, I hope you won’t mind it when the occasional case digest or an excerpt of class/off-lecture notes make their appearance.

I’ll be back before you know it! 🙂


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