Random Rambles 4: I have foot-in-mouth disease.

Ladies and gentlemen in the whole wide world, or in the internet world, I have a confession.

I have a disease. A rather serious one. No, this one does not affect any of my bodily organs.

Oh wait, it does.

It’s my mouth.

I have foot-in-mouth disease. And I’m sorry, I’ve been trying to cure it. The treatment is a work in progress. The effects of the foot-in-mouth disease have proved to be quite disastrous; a carnage, really.

A damaged friendship, an offended friend–the list goes on. I’m ashamed to tell you of its magnitude, to be honest. Just a few days ago, I discovered that a friend had unfriended me on Facebook.

Because I made a post about people who post too much memes. While it did not come from my mouth, it felt like it did. And while the meme was posted out of affection to those people who love to post memes, that friend didn’t know that. He thought he was being attacked, the poor darling. And I felt terrible. Really terrible. I didn’t know how else to apologise, but I just said a little prayer up in heaven, praying for forgiveness.

And I hope I could find a way to set things straight.

This year, I am striving to talk less and listen more. Like really listen. And to think more before I speak.

How do you do it? How does one open his or her mouth and not get into trouble? I really want to know.

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