Last song syndrome 1: My Fifteen Frequently Played Tunes on Spotify

If  there’s a big part of my day, my week, my month, my year–it’ll be music. I listen to music on my way to work, while working, and on my way home. It’s a total moodchanger. And I would be singing out to my heart out–if only I weren’t in a cab, or an Uber transport, heh.

Well, at least, where some songs are concerned! Most are meant for days or evenings where you just want to chill out–and they’re included in the list too!

The songs are listed in random order.

  1. The Baker-Kate Walsh
  2. Stars-Future Generations
  3. Riptide-Al Bowlly
  4. La Mer-Charles Trenet
  5. Hallelujah-Rufus Wainwright
  6. Nocturne in B flat Minor, Op. 9, No. 1- (composed by) Fredric Chopin
  7. Fantasy-Wildhart
  8. French Song (live in London)-Kate Walsh
  9. Riding On Your Love-J. Churcher
  10. Stars on Stacks-Bouquet
  11. Northern Sky-Nick Drake
  12. On the Boardwalk-J. Churcher
  13. Le Jardinier-Kate Walsh
  14. On the Lips-Frankie Cosmo
  15. The Baker-Kate Walsh

Skip if you don’t like classical or oldies. 🙂


Happy listening, everyone! 🙂

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