Back to where I started.


Hi, how are you guys? Sorry for not having posted more often–there were personal matters that needed tackling, plus work stuff too. I’d leave the office a lot later than five pm, and by the time I’m home, I’m bushed.

Mentally and emotionally, as well.

While I was on my unintentional hiatus, I’ve thought over a few things. One of them being this blog. I have been examining the quality of my posts, they were far from personal, and it felt like it wasn’t me who wrote it. I’ve taken a step back, and I’m back to writing more personal things. Not on the “me, look at me” scale, but it’s something that I’ve tried and tested myself, and I am excited to tell you guys about it. Also, I would probably add more a “day in the life” kind of thing–what’s it like to be a young government employee in the Philippines.

Really excited to start over again! 🙂