Hello! How’s your weekend so far? Hope you’re having a great one. 🙂

The past week has been such a busy one, and to be honest, busy is an understatement. I’ve had so many deliverables–routing out of documents included–and their number never dwindles!

This is a document trail system I’ve yet to implement–but the colour coded tags are ready! This one is for the documents that are not purchase requests–I’ve yet to devise a system for the aforementioned document. This system will be implemented on April–wish me luck! 🙂


I’m thankful however, that I made the week–and ended it in one piece. In the office I work in, a lot of things can happen everyday. Urgent documents, that last minute, rushed meeting; a tonne of deliverables.

This post has been inspired by a conversation with two of my good girl friends. They saw a picture of my day’s deliverables at work–and they asked me how do I get things done. I answered–I simply do not know. Which is actually the truth. My former boss once asked me to devise a system for the trail of documents within the division–which I did–please refer to above image–and that’s just the beginning. I am now with a need to learn how to be wiser with my time. I am trying–but you know what they say–there’s always room for improvement. That’s what my professor in Finance used to say in college (uni to you Brits). And she is right. Life is a work in progress.

So how does my day at work usually begin? It totally depends! I arrive at work around eighty-thirty or nine in the morning (this has to change when I return to law school). I check my logbook and out tray to check if there are still documents to be routed out. If there are documents for routing, I check my outgoing logbook if the documents are listed/logged in. If not, I have to log that in. If it is, then I’m good to go.

Receiving documents is also part of my job. My work is mainly clerical, as a secretary of a division chief. I check and screen if there are documents which have typos, wrong signatories, or other concerns regarding the document in question. Receiving documents may happen at any time of the day, as is routing them out. When they have reached a certain number, I will bring them to my boss, the Chief, or the Officer in Charge of the division I am in for action. Sometimes they are urgent and have to be routed faster than you can say “bacon waffles”. Sometimes I have to disseminate them (isn’t it amazing, technology? I scan documents them email them to the people in my division. Who needs photocopying machines? Just kidding!), especially if they are announcements, or invitations for official travel–fellowships, training courses, technical meetings, annual meetings. So on, and so forth.

And then, I log them in the outgoing logbook, then off I go again to rout out documents.

Sometimes, I will be asked to perform some other task–such as drafting memoranda, consolidating documents sent to me via email and sent to the people who need them.

There are times that I have to coordinate meetings at the last minute–a few more, and I’ll be a pro. Okay, just kidding! And I do have to attend them. Help take care of snacks, and things, and remind people involved that there is a meeting at a certain time at a certain place. I record them so at least if anyone needs to remember what was discussed in the previous meeting, I can play it back to them. Maybe one day, I’ll have enough time to type in the minutes of every meeting. Well, someday.

These things happen randomly to me–so no work day is ever the same!  It can be stressful, yes, because I sometimes feel like I have to be like one of those Indian deities–the one with four pairs of hands and feet!

But I love my job, yes I do! 

Apart from work, one aspect of being grown up is when one learns to manage his or her finances properly. And I’m climbing that ladder! I have a bank account that’s not my payroll ATM, and I’ve made an investment (more like insurance/life savings). Something to see me through my rainy days. Of course I have to pay premiums. If you guys are familiar with AXA, I’m sure you know what products and services they offer. My older sister helped me find someone who can help me invest in life savings, and personally, I do think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

As I am just starting, I still have a long way to go. But I cannot recommend investing in your future enough. Whilst this sounds like it is a paid or sponsored post, it is not, but rather, I am sharing this with you guys because it might inspire or encourage you to save up, or invest–with whatever insurance provider you choose.

I paid my monthly premium myself this month–thank God for technology where banking is concerned! When I clicked buttons that ensured my payment would be safely directed to my insurance provider, I couldn’t help but feel exhilarated. I’ve paid the bill! I now have better control over my finances, I am an adult!

Not fully, though. I don’t own any property yet, I still need to manage my finances more like an adult. That means proper budgeting, and not just getting what I want because I can. I used to be a scrooge with money when I was little, so that means I can be that person again! I just need to be strict with myself.

And I know I can do that.