A letter to the college freshman me.

It’s been years since I’ve graduated from uni the first time (my undergraduate degree), but it sometimes feels like yesterday that I was seventeen, and going to my first day at uni!


Dear Seventeen Year Old Self,

Congratulations–you made it! You’ve graduated from high school. I’m so proud of you! Finally, you can reinvent yourself–after all, it’s a whole new world out there–make new friends, learn new things. You’re finally taking that first, eensy-weensy step to your dream…even if it’s not what you have planned it to be. Chin up, it’s not going to be so bad! You may not have been able to go to your dream uni, but you are where you now for a reason–and a good one! You’ll see.

But baby girl, you’ve got to be careful. You’ll have to work harder than you did in high school–watch out for algebra! You also have to work hard to get a really good grade–your Human Resource Management professor can be a bit hard to impress. It’s not just academics you’ll watch out for–there are times when it would feel like it’s every man (or woman) to himself (or herself) in your classes, but don’t worry–you’re going to meet really awesome friends that would be friends for life.

And in uni, you will have to be more responsible–I am confident you can do it! After all, didn’t you just lead a group in your Journalism class in high school? It wasn’t easy, but you did it. You can do both very well–work with a group, or on your own. It’s going to help you a lot when you’re going to work. You’re going to have to learn how to be accountable to yourself–and to the whole group–even if they chose you as a leader.

While I know how you feel about stationery–the sight of new pens and notebooks give you that unspeakable thrill–you’ve got to manage your finances really properly. You really have to plan how you spend–and save your money. It’s going to be hard–but not impossible.

Enjoy your university journey! You’re going to have a blast.


*This post is written because I have been looking through my things one day, and saw some of my things from my undergraduate days. It felt like I was in a time machine of sorts, looking back through the best four years of my life. I’m also writing this–in case that young people starting out uni–or college, as we call it in the Philippines–come across this blog and would want to know what it feels like going to uni–I hope that this helps–albeit indirectly.

What’s your favourite memory from uni?


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