It’s that time of the year again–plus yet another life lately post

Pardon the selfie! It’s been ages since I did look rested, that I felt I had to post it.

It’s been ages–since I last posted a blog update. Well, it felt like it.

Those days went by in a blur–the Bar Exams are finally over, and now, the waiting–the agony of waiting for my friends will commence. But I have every faith that they will make it. And then the disappointment of not being able to enroll this semester came to me like a jolt to one’s system. In a way, I was relieved. The stress of travelling to and fro from home, work, and uni has taken its toll on my body. I just felt a little sad–the uni I had hoped would be my final home where my legal education is concerned wasn’t meant for me.

Then there’s that major office event that I failed to properly document for posterity’s sake. For some reason, I didn’t feel up to it–or maybe I was too busy. But it had been a great week, and I am proud of my work friends who won awards after that week.

Being involved in a friend’s passion project also keeps me busy. It is, in fact an honour to be a part of her team. We’re planning more activities for the next year, and I couldn’t be more excited. We have, however, one last project for this year–Cards for Humanity.  I’m inviting you–especially when you have little children (or at least live with children)–to take part in this activity.  It would mean a lot for us as it will help raise funds for book drives, and similar events.

Because I was doing Bar Operations duty, I wasn’t able to join my friend’s project–well, event. Art in the Park was launched by my friend Joana because she saw the heartbreaking conditions of children living in a park. So with her other friends–a group of storytellers and artists, they held a mini-art workshop and storytelling session.


                       Image credit: Joana Marie Verdeflor

This was one of the event’s promotional posters. I think it was a successful event (Joana went live to show us what’s going on) as there were plenty of participants. And the children enjoyed it. We’re planning to make cards out of the children’s artwork, and I can’t wait to see what they look like!

It may seem odd to some people–but I am definitely excited to do my Christmas baking! I did a dry-run baking of cookies for people at work and my friend liked it. So it’s my sort-of go signal to give them the cookies! Haha! 🙂

And another thing I’m excited about is decorating my office space with Christmas decor! So far, I have started with the wreath on the door, but I’m thinking of adding more.

Will be back by telling you about my friend’s passion project which I am involved in! 🙂

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