The Friday Book Club and Cards For Humanity

Last year, my friend Joana (from my previous post) invited me to be a part of her team–The Friday Book Club, a group of young women organising book drives and other similar events for children who have limited or no access to books, reading, and learning.

         Image credit: Joana Marie Verdeflor


A registered pharmacist, Joana believes that children are the future, and that they should have equal and convenient access to education. She founded The Friday Book Club with the hope of awakening the sense of passion–especially among our generation, because our generation is the future. The Friday Book Club’s vision is to tap the potential of the youth, as well as to encourage people to “read it forward”.

This year, The Friday Book Club has been involved in numerous book drives. Recently, a storytelling and mini art workshop was held in one of Manila’s parks–the Young At Art. Joana, with her team of artists and storytellers launched this event, with the aim of giving hope and light to the children living in Luneta Park, one of Manila’s national parks.

Our last activity for the year will be Cards for Humanity. They are Christmas cards that are from the artwork made in the Young At Art activity. This is open to everyone! From children to adults who are in school–or want to go to school–you can all join! The full mechanics are provided here.

                    Image credit: Joana Marie Verdeflor

These cards will be launched in the Better Living Through Xeroxography (BLTX) Naga 2017, which is a zinefest and small press expo. This event will be held simultaneously with BLTX Manila, Davao, Baguio, Cagayan De Oro, and Iloilo. If any of you readers are in Naga, please drop by!

Till then! 🙂

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